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Success is a Celebration

Every winner needs a coach who is willing to not only challenge them to become their best, but also eager to celebrate their wins.


Meet Coach Stephanie Bowie, who has made a career out of helping other make the most of their lives and reach new heights in various areas.

"Stephanie regularly helps others to achieve their goals, career, leadership, and personal finance.”

Stephanie Bowie is a Certified Public Accountant and currently serves as the VP of Government Solutions for A Total Solution CPA & Consulting Services in Indianapolis. As a Certified Department of Defense (DoD) Financial Manager with over 15 years of DoD finance and accounting experience, she adds significant value to the services we provide to our clients in the governmental sector. Additionally, she serves in the United States Army Reserves as a certified Financial Management Instructor. She has proven track record for successfully training Soldiers and civilians alike across the financial and accounting spectrum.  Stephanie received her Bachelor of Science Degree from IUPUI with a dual major in accounting and finance, and her MBA from Anderson University.  


Stephanie’s passion is training, and she has excelled in this capacity.  She recently received an award from DFAS leadership for the development of a robust training curriculum designed to teach new employees the foundations of financial management.  She has taught classes as a guest on business practices and bookkeeping for the Business Owner’s Initiative, a local non-profit, as well as Martin University. Stephanie developed and delivered workshops for the Federal Women’s Program with a focus on building believing and synchronized living.  Over the past 10 years, she has facilitated learning for hundreds in the areas of finance, accounting and diversity.  


Stephanie’s heart for mentoring and coaching extends beyond her professional life, and she regularly helps others to achieve their goals, career, leadership, and personal finance. She is a life coach and certified in the DiSC behavioral model.  She is an author and public motivational speaker, and continually seeks opportunities to sows seeds of possibility, knowledge, and encouragement into people so they can achieve their maximum potential.

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